Remembering 9/11

The years keep passing, but more than two decades later Americans of all ages will never forget.
Despite our shared grief in the aftermath of 9/11, hope, resilience, and unity lifted us up as a nation. Twenty-two years later, these lessons are more important than ever. Today, memorials stand as a beacon of healing and renewal – a physical embodiment of the compassion we showed to one another, the resolve we demonstrated to the world, and how, in the face of unfathomable loss, we rose as one.
September 11th evokes such a difficult mix and range of emotions, yet it is one of the most powerful reminders to all of us. Throughout this 22nd Anniversary that forever altered our nation and the world we honor the memory of 9/11’s victims, we continue to keep their families in our thoughts, and we express our gratitude to those that have supported community members affected over the years.
Every year we remember how so many people, from all walks of life and communities, responded with a powerful, enduring determination to help people recover and rebuild – and how, to this very day, this memory can serve to remind us that even in the darkest of days, people face future with hope, that the fundamental values of decency, fortitude, generosity, and strength will help us carry on and keep our nation strong.
Yet we also know that there are many people who are still struggling from the affects of that day, as well as other events that have occurred over the years. We want you to know that you are never alone. When you need to talk, the New Mexico 988 Crisis and Access Line is available and here to hear and support you.
If you need to talk, you can engage in free immediate support with a counselor by calling 855-662-7474, texting 988, or chatting online.

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