Support at Your Fingertips

The NMConnect smartphone app offers New Mexicans access to a counselor or peer support, self-help digital wellness tools, and information on community resources. Intended for individual use by New Mexico community members that are seeking to address an emotional, mental, behavioral, or substance use concern for themselves or someone they know. 

  • Connects you directly to a counselor or peer support worker via call or text
  • Engages you in a full suite of integrated digital self-help wellness tools
  • Links you to the online NM 5-Actions self-guided addiction program
  • Provides you with access to up-to-date community resources for substance use, mental and behavioral health services, and other community supports
  • Delivers current information on the state’s response to COVID-19

NMConnect closes the gap by providing you with the right support and resource at the right time.

Download the NMConnect app, sign up for your free digital self-help program, and begin your path to wellness

The NMConnect self-help wellness program is an integrated set of clinically supported Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based tools that support you in assessing, understanding, and working on your behavioral health and wellness through:

Wellness assessments support you in understanding and tracking levels of stress, anxiety and depression over time. Every two weeks the assessment will check in on you and guide you to the right support to maintain your mental wellness.

Self-help therapy allows you to engage in courses based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that are delivered in short informational bites, designed with an emphasis on actionable steps and the creation of healthy habits. For example the anxiety course walks you through :

    • The interaction of thoughts, feelings and actions
    • Tracking moods
    • Deep Breathing
    • Tense and Relax Exercises
    • Identifying Cognitive Distortions
    • Building Better thoughts using the Thought Diary
    • Imaginal Exposure to specific fears

Wellness tools offer interactive elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness to connect the course material to your daily practices. From simple listening to high engagement there is something for everyone.

    • Zen Room: Practice changing physical and emotional state through a customized relaxation room.
    • Mood Check: Encourages you to self report on your mood and understand how the things you do throughout the day affect the way you feel.
    • Activity Scheduler: Allows you to intentionally schedule pleasurable, social and achievement activities to help keep you accountable for change.
    • Fun and Achievement Tracker: Offers you an understanding of how certain activities can boost or decrease your feelings of happiness, fun, and achievement by tracking your mood before and after an activity.
    • Calendar: Gives you a view into the scheduled wellness activities to support you in planning your week.
    • Thought Distortions Quiz: Inspires you to go deeper into understanding thought distortions.
    • Thought Diary: Offers you an understanding on how real-life situations may be using unhelpful thinking styles, and empowers you to build better thoughts in these types of situations.

Progress tracker allows you to see how you may be progressing, regressing, and/or maintaining over time.

    • Mood Heatmap: Allows you to see the Mood Check data displayed on a graph for easy self analysis.
    • Mood Indicator: Gives feedback related to how you spend your time and how it makes you feel.
    • Wellness Assessment: Allows you to understand how your levels of stress, anxiety and depression change as you use the NMConnect self-help tools, by completing the Wellness Assessment every 2 weeks. 

How it Works

We know that quickly finding the right phone number or behavioral health resource for addiction and substance use, emotional concerns, mental health, behavioral health, suicide, grief, and recovery can be challenging. That’s why the NMConnect app was designed with input from New Mexicans to be simple and easy to navigate. From the app you can easily call, text, or chat with a professional counselor for support, call or text with a professional peer support worker who has a shared lived experience, engage in the integrated digital self-help wellness tools, or navigate a curated menu of community resources.

Learn more about the Crisis and Access Line and the Peer-to-Peer Warmline. 

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