Martin Luther King Jr Day and A Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr Day and A Day of Service are a federal holidays held on the third Monday of January where we commemorate and honor the life, legacy, and impact Dr. King had as an influential American civil rights leader. On this day we are encouraged to come together to celebrate, advocate, learn, and unite in celebration of Dr. King’s groundbreaking work, and Mrs. Coretta Scott King’s powerful continuation and formal institutionalization of that work.

Moving the work Dr King began is necessary because unfortunately our society continues to struggle under the weight of violence, hate, and poverty that still exists in the social, political, and economic landscape we live. Showing us there is more work to be done to promote Dr. King’s philosophy and methodology forward. To do this we must work together to provide education and training that serves as a compass for all the work that is still to be done to create a world where injustice ceases and love prevails.

The King Center welcomes and invites us to join the movement for a new future, and strive to cultivate a Beloved Community Mindset, work to ultimately transform unjust systems through Nonviolence, and read more about the work of The King Center.

And know that if you are experiencing mental health concerns as a result of anything that is occurring in your life, you can reach out to a counselor for assistance and support at New Mexico 988, the New Mexico Crisis and Access Line (855-662-7474), and the Peer-to-Peer Warmline (855-466-7100). Or you can begin a self-guided mental health wellness plan through the NMConnect Welltrack Boost app. Download the app for free through Apple iOS or the Google Play Store today.

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