Foundations of Self-Love

January is Self-Love Month

It’s much too easy to get carried away by life’s troubles and forget to appreciate yourself. Take time to ensure that you are appreciating yourself and investing time in conscious physical, spiritual, and psychological growth. Prioritize your happiness and well-being.

Remember, your needs won’t take care of themselves. Ensure you are paying attention to yourself, building self-worth, and getting what you deserve.

Participating in self-guided mental health wellness activities offers you a great way find your pathway to wellness and self-love. Check out how the NMConnect Welltrack Boost experience can assist you in taking control of your mental health, and support you in your wellness journey. The NMConnect app and Welltrack Boost experience are free to all New Mexicans. Download it today through the Apple iOS store or the Google Play Store today.

And remember if you are struggling with finding ways to love yourself, and need to talk to a mental health professional, reach out to New Mexico 988, the New Mexico Crisis and Access Line (855-662-7474), or the Peer-to-Peer Warmline (855-466-7100) to talk when you need someone here to hear you.

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