Attend the Zero Suicide Framework Training

Thousands of health and behavioral health care systems around the world have adopted Zero Suicide as a framework for safely addressing suicidal intensity in the people, families, and communities they serve, and they have done it with no financial impact. New Mexico is implementing the Zero Suicide Framework to improve our health care systems for those who may be experiencing thoughts and attempts of suicidal intensity.
To do this, the New Mexico Human Services Department Behavioral Health Collaborative is sponsoring a Zero Suicide Framework Academy as part of their statewide initiative to help organizations implement, and practice inclusive, equitable, resilience-based, trauma-responsive services for everyone.
  • You and your team of four people will hear from experts in Zero Suicide implementation.
  • You will leave the two-day event with a solid plan to begin implementation in your own healthcare system.
  • You will learn how to utilize methods that make sense for the people, families, Tribal Nations, and the Pueblos you serve.
  • Additionally, following the Academy, the New Mexico Human Services Department Behavioral Health Collaborative will be providing participants with nine months of Communities of Practice, held monthly for 1.5 hours. These sessions will offer the opportunity to share challenges and successes with implementation, create a focused effort to drill down into understanding the parts of the elements of Zero Suicide that may be challenging for our system, and discuss topics such as screening and assessment, safety planning, caring contacts, and others.
  • The Zero Suicide framework is for anyone who provides health and/or behavioral health care to New Mexico’s community members in both urban and rural communities, Pueblos, and/or Tribal Nations.  It is for appropriate for correctional health care systems, the VA, peer-led services, and community-based health care.
The implementation of the flexible framework Zero Suicide offers can help keep New Mexicans safe.
Space is limited, Create a team and register for the Zero Suicide Academy

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