Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a dedicated to stand united in respect for veterans who have served in the military, honor the patriotism and willingness they have given to support our nation, remember and reflect on the sacrifices they have made, thank them for their service, and offer resources to those that may need support. Veterans in this country come from different eras, fought in different battles, used different weaponry, and wore different uniforms, but they all share a common experience: the experience of training, moving from place to place, fighting (or training to fight), and living a life that is ever changing.
Due to the unique, and sometimes challenging lifestyle inherent to military life, some veterans and their families can experience mental health challenges. Here are a few ways you can help support people that may be struggling:
  1. Understand the mental health concerns that people may experience.
  2. Learn the signs and symptoms of mental health concerns.
  3. Offer support in a time of need.
  4. Start a conversation when you are concerned.
  5. Know the resources that are available for veterans and their families.
  6. Encourage someone that may be struggling to talk with a trained and qualified responder by connecting with a support line:

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