Family and Parent Peer Support

Parenting a child with emotional, mental, and/or behavioral health concerns can be tough. And, when a child struggles, the whole family is affected. Family and parent peer support is an an evidence based and family-driven practice that can assist parents and caregivers with coping tools, improving school encounters, engaging individualized education plans (IEPs), advocating during medical and mental health appointments, and navigating court ordered programs to work more effectively.

You can find:

  • A list of agencies that offer family and parent peer support programs at the NMSU Center of Innovation website
  • A parent to talk to right now by calling the New Mexico Peer-to-Peer Warmline at 855-466-7100
  • Guidance on how parents can respond in the most effective way by exploring concerns & challenges many parents experience by visiting the Child Mind Institute

You are not alone. No matter what you are going through, there is someone here to hear you. Family and parent peer supports are real people who have been there. Reach out today. Family and parent peer supporters offer other parents and caregivers with children experiencing challenges and/or disabilities: assistance, a listening ear, hints on how to navigate the complex system of care, an advocate, and practical tools and information from the lens of someone that has also been there and found ways to help their children thrive.

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