We provide timely, effective assessment and intervention to people in times of crisis, and ensure continuous, quality access to professional behavioral health and wellness services.
This is our mission at ProtoCall Services, who operates the New Mexico Crisis and Access Line and Peer to Peer Warmline. Because we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we can offer a variety of schedules and a great deal of flexibility.
Do our core values match who you strive to be?
Adaptability and flexibility: We believe in keeping promises – to ourselves, to our clients, and to our customers. In order to deliver on those promises, we readily adapt to change and move in tandem with the needs of those we serve and those with whom we serve.
Quality: In our critical work, doing it right means changing lives. We are committed to quality in all we do.
Teamwork: We respect, listen, support and strive to see the best in each other. We work together for the common good. We do our own jobs and lend a helping hand to others as they endeavor to do theirs.
Integrity/ethics: Before all else comes honesty, courage, and commitment to doing the right thing in all things. Help people find solutions, strengths, and a real future.
If you are committed to quality and to offering the best of yourself to your team and your clients, consider joining us. ProtoCall is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Visit our ProtoCall Job Portal. 
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