Black History Month

As we strive to improve conversations about race, racism, racial equity, and the importance of advancing cultural humility in this country, the environment in which we’re speaking seems to be constantly shifting. Perhaps this is an indication that these conversations are more important now than ever. But talking about race is complex and multi-layered. Nothing bridges the divide of race and culture like informed dialogue that’s grounded in shared understanding.

With Black History Month coming to a close, we would like to remind people of the resources that have been designed to support the mental wellbeing of Black and African American (B/AA) people in America.

National Resources and Information

Resources from the Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network  

When we take the time to educate ourselves, get tips on how to structure conversations and programs, create spaces for sharing various perspectives, and find ways to accept the discomfort that can come along with these conversations, then we can have thoughtful discussions about racial equity and create pathways to advance and extend cultural humility.

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