Remember That We Are Each Other’s Greatest Resource

Remember that we are each other’s greatest resource, and that the path to wellness can often be found through connection with others. Find ways to help people thrive by educating the public on resources, advocating for policies that support people with mental and behavioral health concerns, and strive to reduce stigma associated with mental health.

  • Show individuals respect and acceptance for this removes barriers that assist people in finding tools to thrive and successfully cope with concerns they may be experiencing.
  • Treat people as individuals, and not as an illness, for this does make a difference for someone who is struggling with a mental health concern.
  • Advocate within your circles of influence to help ensure people have the same rights and opportunities as other members of the community.
  • Learn more about mental health and how to assist someone in a recovery friendly manner, for this creates pathways where people can access support within communities.
  • Strengthen the protective social determinants of health that offer opportunities for healthy people and communities.
  • Encourage people that are struggling to engage with a counselor. You can find help now at the New Mexico Crisis and Access Line by calling 1-855-662-7474.
  • Click here to learn more about how New Mexico state agencies are working together to support mental health initiatives, programs, and the #PathToWellness.
  • Follow the Behavioral Health Collaborative to learn more information on how the State of New Mexico is supporting efforts to create Paths to Wellness.

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