National Recommitment Month

Throughout life people make goals and commitments.

Sometimes you may find yourself getting off track from accomplishing the goals and commitments that you set for yourself. When this happens, it can be helpful to step back and think about when, where, and how it went off track. Then take some time to evaluate if those are still the right goals and commitments that are needed in your life.

No matter what goals and commitments you may have, this month offers you an opportunity to review the path you have mapped out towards a chosen target. No matter what that target was – health, education, family, financial – be mindful of the reasons behind the decisions that led you to make that goal or commitment.

During National Recommitment Month, we want to encourage you to evaluate your goals and commitments that have been made, think about what is important in life, revisit ways to find a path to wellness, and redefine the goals to get back on your path to wellness.

How to recommit:

  • List the goals that worked. Eliminate the ones that didn’t.
  • Simplify the goals. Remove any unnecessary obstacles.
  • Work on one or two goals at a time if necessary. Spreading your focus too thin will reduce your success.
  • Bring in a team. Working with like-minded people helps to balance the effort. When the goal is a family oriented target, the whole family benefits.

Learn more about how to set goals when you are struggling with mental health.

Visit the NM 5-Actions self-guided roadmap to find ways to understand and address ways to resolve your solvable problems.

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