LGBTQIA+ Pride Awareness Month

Celebrate people for who they are. LGBTQIA+ Pride month marks the continued movement to outlaw discriminatory laws and practices against people within our communities. It is an excellent time to talk with others about struggles people experience and how we can work together to achieve equality, equity, justice, and wellness in all aspects of a persons life. The advocacy that has been done in the gender and sex minority (GSM) community has facilitated incredible changes throughout history, created opportunities to understand causes of discriminatory practices, and allowed us to move towards solutions. But this work is not done and LGBTQIA+ pride awareness month allows us an opportunity to continue learning about important people, movements, and legislation that have facilitated change. Let’s work together to create awareness on equality, equity, and wellness that still needs to occur. Join us to advocate and educate communities on approaches that eliminate disparities and reduce implicit biases that lend to discriminatory practices. Understand how stigma and implicit bias often prevents people from feeling comfortable in accessing care – both physical and mental health. Find learning resources to improve service delivery and reduce stigmas in a healthcare practice at the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center

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